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RENSKE.jpgHi readers of Renske!
My name is Marieke, and today I’ll have an article for you! So I’m a guest blogger, and I don’t know if I am going to write another time for you. I guess so, but Renske and I haven’t really talked about it. Oh, before we start a note: I’m Dutch, and though I do bilingual education (I get my lessons in English) , but my English still is miserable. But I’m trying! And I’m only 13, I turn 14 in 9 days so you know, I’ll make mistakes! (I have a blog myself, BUT it is Dutch. But feel free to visit ! I just started it, before I had a blog named Myownglossy)


Today I’ll be doing the three things tag. I saw this one at a Dutch blogger, so I translated it. The idea is that I’ll mention three things about different subjects. Not that complicated. Let’s get started!

Three things on my desk.
My desk is such a mess. I have one little space for homework. But three thing which are always there are :
• My computer
• Chocolate
• Some pencils


Three favourite furniture at my home
• My bed. Definitely.
• My make-up spot. I love makeup
• My closet. It’s pretty big. (My opinion)

Three favourite fruits
• Strawberry’s. They are so sweet!
• Apple, but only because it’s healthy
• Banana! And rather in a smoothy, yum.

Three things in my bag
• The lipstick I’m wearing on the moment
• My in earsphones. Without that, I won’t survive school
• Candy, most of the times it’s Tony’s Chocolony

Three favourite blogs
I do follow lots of blogs so this is kind of hard.. This are all Dutch blog by the way.
• 2wmn and LLG, this are two blogs but they are from the same duo so I’ll count it as one 😉


Three songs in my head at the moment
• Safety pin – 5 seconds of summer (I love them)
• Stitches – Shawn Mendes
• Sorry – Justin Bieber

Three things I’m thinking about at the moment
• That I still have to do my homework. I have this big biology test tomorrow and I’ll have to get a least an 8 (that’s a B) or I’ll fail biology on my report card.
• What I’m going to ask for my birthday except for makeup
• It’s my birthday in a few days! On the moment there are 11 days left, but I don’t know when this post will be online. Anyways; my birthday is on the 28th of December. And that I’m going to have a new tripod for my birthday and it’s just so beautiful!

Three things that make me happy
• No school. Do I need to say more?
• I just got my hands on a really popular concealer, and I love it already! (It’s the collection concealer)
• Netflix & Chocolate. Duh.


Three favourite quotes
• ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ It’s from Harry Potter
• ‘Be the best version of yourself’
• ‘We were born to be real, not to be perfect’
I do think there are way more quotes that I could name, so I just chose 3 random favourites.

Three things I want to do in 2016]
• I really want to achieve something with my (new) blog!
• I wanna reach the next class with good marks
• I want to be more confident.


Three holiday destinations (dreams)
• New York/ Las vegas. In the big break in summer im going to America, to Las Vegas and citys aroud. But I wanna visit New York ones too, so that’s definitely a dream
• Curacau, but o live there. Cause I have already been there a few times, and I love it so much! I would love to live here for a few years in the future
• Bora bora. It always looks so pretty on pictures!

This was the tag. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you would like to follow my on bloglovin, this is the link!


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