Presentation hacks // Tips and Tricks

IMG_2759.JPGHello lovely readers, hope you all have a wonderful day. Everybody has to give a presentation and if you’re bad at it, like myself, I’ll give you some tips. I’ll give you some tips for the dress code, how to act and tips to give the best presention! Excited? Please keep on reading.tumblr_n3vgpjz3CO1t3nlw2o1_500For the dress code:

Wear neat clothing. But still wear something that suits your style. Like, I’d wear jeans with a blouse and heels.

Don’t wear something with a massive cleavage. Its too distracting. Don’t wear something that is too busy, like a pattern.

Don’t wear to much make-up, it can be really distracting. Keep it natural, bit of mascara, nice lipstick


Tips and Tricks:

  • Be prepared, start like 4 weeks ahead. Start the first of the four weeks with making the presentation and making the text.
  • Go for the best. Don’t think you’re going to fail it, just think you’re going to nail it!
  • Breathe, keep calm. Nothing is worse than stressing out.
  • Learn some catchwords out of your head. Not the whole text, because if you forget 1 word, you forget the whole text.
  • Be careless, but prepared. If you can talk about the subject like you’re talking about your favourite hobby, you’re doing a good job. If you talk and make if look really interesting eventhough it’s not, you’re badass at giving presentations. If you’re not so good at this, practice it. Practicing is key.

How to act:

  • Be confident and stand straight. I tend to stand a bit like I don’t want to be there.
  • Keep your hands and arms loosely next to your body or hold a pen or something like that.
  • Talk calmly and clearly. I talk quite fast, so a lot of people can’t hear what I say, so try to talk clearly and calmly.
  • Have fun, you always should’ve fun!


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