Open cut mouth // Beauty

IMG_1647Welcome! To my fourth Halloween look. Today it’s a joker inspired open cut mouth. Everybody on the internet recreated this look, but I did it a bit different. Everybody used tissues and liquid latex, I used vaseline. You maybe think, ‘how?’. Well, if you think that than please keep on reading!

First, completely clean your face. Make sure there’s no oily, make-up or anything on your face so that the vaseline can really stick on your face and can lay flat.

IMG_1639Second, pick you vaseline. Before you lay the vaseline on your face, think about where you want your wound to go. I wanted one side a bit higher and longer then the other side. When you decided where your wound is going to be, place your vaseline there. I used the backside on tweezers to apply it. Make sure it’s quite thick. When you done with applying your vaseline, take a q-tip or a cotton swab. And make a groove to symbolize your wound. It isn’t quite hard, but you will need some cotton swabs to perfectly remove the vaseline from your wound so that the next step you going to work perfect. After you applied your vaseline,  powder your creation. Because it’s vaseline and it’s not like liquid latex that dries. Vaseline always stays sticky, so you need to powder it a bit. Use a skin coloured powder of a transparant one. Tip: use your oldest powder brush, because the vaseline will get on the brush.

IMG_1658Third step, the shading, the ‘blood’ and the veins. Take a black or dark shadow on your blending brush and make circle motions around the eye area to give you that ‘zombie’ feeling. After that a dark brown colour and make again circle motion. Do that again with a dark purple or plum colour and a pink colour to give you that irritated look. Pick a blue colour, it could be a facepaint, it could be a eyeshadow. Pick something that works for you. Make little strokes that look like thinny trees, or just look at a tutorial how to make veins on leatned from Lex from MadeYewLook. After you’ve had  made your veins all over your face, let’s go on with the next step. The wound. Take your red colour, it could be a eyeshadow, a lipstick, a facepaint or a lipliner. I used a lipliner. Line the whole inside of your wound and line the inside of your lips. Do that again with a brown, a dark brown at a dark purple or plum shade. Take your pink shade and place that around whole your wound. And then you have your open cut mouth.


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