Glitter crease and black lips // Beauty

IMG_4746.JPGHello world! How are you all doing? Today, I’m showing you how I got this Avant Garde inspired makeup look. It’s a glitter crease, kind of galaxy and white of the lower lashes to give it some brightness. I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel, so you can see how I make the makeup looks instead of reading it. But I hope you like this makeup look.

IMG_4739Products used:

  • Revolution – Salvation Palette // Unicorns unite (this name is dope by the way) – Pure, Symbol and Beauty
  • Essence – Lash base


IMG_4757Prime your eyelids and apply a nude colour to make the blending easier. I applied ‘Pure’ of the “Unicorn Unite” Salvation Pallete of Revolution.

Make a straight line next to the bridge of your nose with ‘Symbol’. Lower the line until you almost hit the inner eye corner.

Make another straight line underneath your brow, try to make this as straight as possible. If you mess up, like I did, use a small brush and a bit of concealer or q-tip and makeup remover to fix it.

Blend and fill in between the two lines you just made, not going further then your crease.

Apply ‘Beauty’ where you also applied ‘Symbol’. Go a bit back and forth IMG_4747.JPGbetween those two colours, deepen the crease and making it extra glitterly.

Apply white mascara on your lower lashes for some brightness or use a clear brow gel to coat them and apply pigmented white eyeshadow to cover them.

Pick your favourite black lipstick or if you don’t own a black lipstick, pick a black eyeliner. I used a eyeliner of L’Oréal.

Outline your lips, be careful, cause black is difficult to remove. Try not to overline your lips, because it’ll draw even more attention to your lips and it’s more visible.

Fill in your lips with the same product you used. You can apply a black glitter over it, to match the glitter crease. Or apply a gloss or just keep it matt.



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