Cat // Beauty

IMG_1634Welcome to my already third look for this years Halloween series. I’m a bit busy because I have a tesweek, so I made for you a cat. It’s easy, it’s simply but still cute. Are you interessed for the cat? Then keeping on reading!

IMG_1593First, start with make-up ready face. I wore foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush and highlight. Oh, I also did my brows. Without my brows I can’t leave the house.

Second, the eyes. This is kinda the hardest part of the look. Start be making a winged liner. Do you have a hard time with this? Just practice. I IMG_1617also always had a hard time with liner but I practiced a lot and I know what style and shape suits me best. After you did your winged liner, take a black pencil liner en line your waterline and go on tightline with that. Finish of with mascara or falsh lashes.

IMG_1631Third, time for the nose, lips and whiskers. Take your black eyepencil again and draw a little triangle on your nose facing downwards. Draw a line between your nostrils coming from the lowest point of the triangle. Make the line as long to hit your line. Line only your upper lip with black. You can line to lower lip if you want, but to me it’s so black and dark. So that is your really easy and simply cat look!


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