Studying lifehacks // Tips and Tricks

IMG_2530.JPGHello lovely readers, long time not spoken. Well, I’m back again, but I’m not promising anything, because I’m in my exams right now. That’s the reason I want to write this article. I’m going to show you 7 studying lifehacks, hacks that you’ll help you during studying. Want to improve your studying routine? Keep on reading.

  1. Chew on bubble gum that you usually never have and chew the same one while you’re making that test. The unknown taste helps you to remind stuff.
  2. While you’re studying, mark everything of the same topic in the same colour. This way you’ll remember everything that is similar
  3. Look up on YouTube for videos of the topic. Personally, I don’t understand physics. It really helped when I looked up videos of the topic that I didn’t understood. You’ll get a lot of different ways of explanations on the topic.
  4. Read the notes or text out loud. This way you’ll remember the information much better.
  5. Repeat! It may sound obvious, but it’s really true. When you read some information everyday, the information will get stuck in your head after a few days.
  6. Eat a pepermint candy, it’ll keep your brain more awake because of the fresh taste and you’ll remember the information much better.

Good luck to all the people who are also doing there exams this year.


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