How to minimize your digital addiction // Tips and tricks


IMG_1792[1].JPGWelcome, welcome! Long time not seen, ha? Well, today I’m going to show you a few easy ways how to minimize the time your spend on the internet, your laptop, iPad or phone. These are super easy ways and I bet it will help you!

1)  Read a book!IMG_1774[1].JPG

You may think, why should I read a book. But, it will help you to get relaxed and after a while your eyes hurt. That because of the blue light your phone radiates. If your read a book, you don’t have that blue light and you’ll give a thing that you can create yourself. If you watch a movie, you have everything in front of you, when you read a book you don’t have that.

IMG_1775[1].JPG 2) Go DIY-ing!

Go crafting or make cute things you’ve seen on Pinterest! Always wanted that cute bag you wanted, but don’t quite have the money for it? Make that cute bag yourself! It’s really easy, at least if your know how to make one. I’ll post in the end of this week a DIY of a bag, I’ve seen several times on Pinterest.  Or you can make you one Christmas cards. (I’ll post also a DIY on that.)

3) Go shooting photos in the woods!IMG_1503

Well, if you have a camera or you can use you dads. Ask you brother, sister, or you crush to go to the woods and make super cute and nice autumn pictures. This is a really cute idea for a first date or you want super awesome self made pictures, just go to the woods, to the park or to the beach. Pick the one That’s the closest to your home.

4) Go for a walk with your dog!

Nothing is better than to take a walk and even better is to take a walk with your dog. You don’t have a dog? Ask around in your neighbourhood if someone has a dog and if you can walk that dog every week or so, you can also make some money on that.

5) Listen to music and draw!e030a94b4ac699f3cbaf9434b5e01f19

Also if you can’t draw, like myself, just do it. Why not? It doesn’t have to pretty, just draw your thoughts and feelings away. Are you good at writing? Write a story! I know a lovely site where you can write your own story and share it with the world. The site is Or you can do it the old fashion way, with paper and a pen.


1) Book: ‘Heksenmasker’ from Minette Walter // Self made picture

2) Puncher from the Hema, Star is €0.50 and X-Mas Tree is €1.25 // Self made picture

3) Picture of me in Drenthe, the Netherlands // Self made picture

5) Picture from Pinterest. Click here for the photo on Pinterest.



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