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IMG_2310.JPGHello lovely readers, let’s talk about money! Everybody has to deal with this and for some of us isn’t it quite easy. Like myself. My phone broke down a few months ago, I need to save money now. If you want to save money, I’ve two cute DIY’s for you. It’s a bit hard to save and in the beginning I didn’t had a job. But every penny I have right now, I’m saving! If you want to know a few ways how to make money, than keep on reading.

1. Walk the dog of your neighbour:

Nothing is easier than walk the dog. It doesn’t care a lot who’s the owner of the dog, but it is quite nice if you ask permission to walk the dog. Walking a dog is great, because it keeps you active and outside.

IMG_2309.JPG2. Sell old things on internet:

Why shouldn’t you sell stuff you don’t use anymore and make someone happy with that? Well, why not? Just sell old stuff on the internet that you don’t use anymore, like books, games, toys.

3. Go tutoring:

If you good at a subject, than you can give extra lessons in that subject to people who need your help. Check out if you want to tutor, online or in person.


Picture frame:


All you need is:
  • A deep picture frame
  • A marker or Sharpie
  • Something to cut with
  • Pictures of your goal
  • Money, of course
All you need to do is:
  • Clean your picture frame and remove the old photo.
  • Make a hole at the top of your frame. Make sure to make your hole big enough to put money through it.
  • Place a photo of your goal at the back of your frame. You can also skip this stap if you want to.
  • Write of the glass what your goal is. Mine would be ‘€500,-‘ because I need around €500 to buy a new phone.
You’re done! You only need to put money inside of it. 🙂


Mini piggy bank:

5f3aab3a8cb569ea9a4228821069d76c (2).jpg

Want to see the full DIY? Go to my Pinterest.

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Hi, uuhm. I was wondering if you know a good phone for a small budget. As you maybe know, am I saving for a good phone. But I don’t know a good phone. So if you know a good phone for a small budget, let a comment below, please.


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