How to get more sleep // Tips and Tricks, Back to School

BackToSchoolGraphicHi guys, I hope you have a wonderful day! Because, in some places in the world, school starts soon. To me school starts in 3 weeks, so I’m going to start my ‘Back to School’ series. This subject means that I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you to survive school. I guess every teenage that goes to school has a lack of sleep. Well, I’m going to help you! I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to get more sleep, so you can survive the day better. I hope you like it! Let’s get started!

2014_BeforeBed1Quit stuff before you go to bed:

6 hrs before bed time: I know a lot of people does this, but it’s not quite good. Drinking coffee before bed. I, personally, don’t drink coffee. But if you’re a coffee drinker, try and quit drinking coffee 6 hours before you go to bed. Because of the high level of caffeine in coffee, your body can’t process that when you’re doing minimal to nothing, sleeping.

3 hrs before bed time: Stop drinking alcohol. Again, because of the high level of alcohol in your drinks, your body can’t process that as well as you’re being active. So try and quit drinking alcohol 3 hours before going to bed.

Between 2 and 3 hrs before bed time: Finish your dinner. When you’re asleep you burn way less calories then when you’re active, when you’re asleep you actually burns no calories. So take the last 2 hours off of eating foods. Let the last 2 hours your body process those foods you’ve eaten all day.

2 hrs before bed time: Finish your exercises. Your body needs 2 hours to process all of these calories you’ve just burned. The calories you’ve burned, you want them to be really gone, so plan your workout not later then 2 hours before your bed time.

1 hr before bed time: Turn off all of your electronics and stop working, studying and stressing. Instead, read a book, play games with your family or watch some television. If you keep on texting or being busy with your social media, then your brain also will and can’t get any rest. So let your brain rest and take the last hour off before your going to bed. Same for studying and working, your brain keep on processing. Allow your brain some rest.



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