5 Homework lifehacks // Tips and Tricks

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IMG_2537.JPGHello lovely readers. I hope you have a lovely day. Today is it about homework. I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to get more concentration to do homework. If you like to see more lifehacks, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you like this article and please keep on reading.

  1. When you’re doing your homework, don’t try to listen to your regular music. It will distract you more. Just type in YouTube “concentration music for study”. It will really help you to concentrate more. Or click here for the direct link.

  2. If you need to learn for a exam or big test, learn for 25 minutes and take  a 3 minute break. After your break do again 25 minutes, then again a 3 minute break. After your fourth 25 minutes, take a longer break. This will help you to get more concentrated. Don’t go on your phone in your break, insted clean your room or read a page of a book.

  3. Is learn boring? Lay after every chapter or section a gummy bear. This way, you have a treat after you have done something. That’s a lot more fun!

  4. Of course, turn off your phone. This way you can’t be distracted by it. Also, sit in a empty or boring room. Because if you’re doing your homework, you try to find all kinds of ways not to do your homework. And if you sit in a boring or empty room, you don’t have any kinds of distractions.

  5. Drink a cup of tea or water. At least, nothing that has caffeine. This way you are much more concentrated.


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