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IMG_3293Hello everybody, lately I’m really busy with school. But today, I’m bored during the Dutch lesson, so I’ve diceded that I’m going to do the 25 Questions tag. I’ve seen this tag at bjarnvidar.nl He’s a Dutch blogger and I absolutely love his blog. So, if you can read Dutch, check out his blog. And I’d love to if you can follow my blog on Bloglovin’. Click right here to follow.  Let’s get on with the tag!

1. Do you have pets?IMG_3187
Yes, I have 2 rats and 1 hamster. The rats are called Pim & Pom. And the hamster is from my sister, the hamster is called Wiggle.
I only have a picture of Pim.

IMG_20151011_1338432. Name three things that you are the closest.
My laptop, my mobilephone and my bluetooth speaker. I am at school right now.

3. How is the weather?

Pretty cold, it’s autumn right now in Holland.

4. Do you drive? So yes, have you ever had an accident?
Nope, I don’t have a drivers license. And I don’t had an accident.

5. At what time do you wake up in de morning?

I need to wake up at around 6.15 but I absolutely love my bed. So, I wait until 6.45.

6. When did you have your last shower?

I think Monday, my volleyball training is on Monday and on Thursday.

IMG_31667. What’s your last movie you’ve seen?
I can’t remember, but I think it’s Big Eyes. I’m really busy, so I don’t have mostly the time for a movie.

8. What’s you last text?

I’m not a texter, but I text a lot on Whatsapp. That text is ‘Chilichicken’

9. What’s your ringtone?

I don’t know, actually. My Phone is always on quiet of on viberate.

10. Have you been in another country?

Oh hell yeah! My family absolutely love to travel. We’ve been in Norway, Italy, France, IMG_3081South-Africa, England, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Turkey.

11. Do you love sushi?

YAAAAASSSSSS, I love love love sushi! When my mom needs to work until late, we, my mom and I, eat sushi.

12. Where do you do your groceries?

I don’t do groceries, because I still live with my parents.

13. Do you use medicines to fall in sleep?

Does melatonin count? I think so, I’m a huge overthinker. So at night I keep thinking and thinking at it’s drives my nuts.

14. Do you have some siblings?IMG_0354 [56728]

Yes, I’ve one bigger sister. She’s 16 and we’re really close. My sister is absolutely the best.

15. Do you have a computer or laptop?

Yes, I work only on my laptop. I’ve bought it on my 14th birthday last year.

16. How old do you become on your next birthday?

Sweet 16 darling. But that takes a bit less than a year.

17. Do you wear glasses or lenses?

I wear my glasses everyday, and I quite love my glasses.

IMG_329318. Do you dye your hair?

I’ve dyed it 4 days before my birthday. I’m a natuarel brunette, but I dyed the longer part of my hair blonde.

19. What’s your plan for today?

My school ends at 4.00 PM and my trainig is at 6.00 PM until 7.15 PM. And after, I’m going to do homework and watch some tv.

20. When was the last time you’ve cried?

Last night, when I’ve told my best friend a huge secret of mine and she supported me so well. I absolutely love her.

21. What’s your favorite pizzatopping?

Hawaii, that’s a pizza with pinneapple, ham, cheese and tomatosause.

22. What do you love more? A hamburger or a cheeseburger?IMG_3338

I guess none of those two. I’m not quite a fan of burgers.

23. What’s the colour of your eyes?

Brown with a tiny hint of green.

24. Have you ever survived the night without sleeping?

I guess, I do. At slumberparties or at travel week fromt school.

25. Can you tasted the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi?

I don’t even like cola, so I don’t drink it.


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