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Hi THE BEST VIEW (1)guys, I hope you have a wonderful day or night, what it may be. It’s summer vacation and that means we all are going to another country. I’m going to show you today what you need to bring in your bag if you’re going to travel by plane. I hope you like it! This article has 3 subjects: what you’re going to wear, what you’re going bring in your bag and what you’re going to wear on your face. I hope that this article makes a bit sense to you. Let’s get started!

20150726_125711What you’re going to wear:

A pair of jeans or pants that is comfortable. Everything you’re going to wear should be comfortable. I’ve chosen your yoga pants, because they’re comfortable and they look normal.

Choose a shirt that fits well and you feel comfortable in. I’ve chosen a crop top of the H&M, because my yoga pants are high waist and I absolutely this shirt and I feel comfortable in it.

Over the crop top I’ve chosen a denim jacket because I’m going to Turkey on vacation and it’s really hot there and I want a jacket that is warm for in the plane and if I’ve it this cold I can pull out a sweater out of my bag. I’m not going to bring a normal coat with me, instead I’m going to wear this denim jacket.

What kind of shoes you’re going to wear, it’s need to be comfortable and that you can put them off in the plane. I’m just going with a pair of sneakers.

20150726_114931_3 (1)What you’re going to bring in you bag:

Headphones to listen to music or watch a movie.

Your phone / iPod / iPad / laptop, to listen to music or do other stuff.

A sweater or a scarf to wear when it’s cold in the plane.

A few books or magazines to read.

A notebook a write or draw all of your thoughts in.

Your wallet and passport to have some money and to get over the broader.

Your make-up bag so you can do your make-up in the plane.

Your chargers and a portable battery to charge a of your electronics.

20150726_141244What you’re going to bring in your make-up bag:

Your base, so sunscreen, concealer, powder, primer, eye shadow primer, blush, highlighter and bronzer. I’d recommend to bring only powder because that is more convenient with the border security. If you’re really oily like me in the sun, than bring some oil control paper.

Brows! Don’t forget your brows! I love to reshape them with pencil and fill them then in with powder. Last coat them in brow gel, so that they stay all day!

For your beautiful eyes, bring one neutral eye shadow palette. Black eyeliner, one normal mascara and one waterproof mascara.

For your lips, just lip balm or chopstick. I wouldn’t bring lip liners, lipsticks and lip glosses because it takes a lot of space and, only if you’re a hard core make-up wearer, you don’t use all of that.

For tools, bring brushes that you really use! And bring a make-up blending sponge and a lash curler if needed.

That is all you need to bring for make-up essentials.

Make-up products use in this article:

  • Catrice, Eyebrow Set
  • Catrice, Eyebrow Pencil, in ‘040 Don’t Let Me Brow’n’
  • Catrice, Lash // Brow Gel
  • Catrice, Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base
  • Catrice, Defining Blush, in ‘020 Rose Royce’
  • NYC, Lash Curler
  • Essence, Lash Princess Volume Mascara
  • Essence, All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara
  • Catrice, Camouflage Cream, in ‘010 Ivory’
  • Catrice, Bronzing Highlighter Pen
  • Essence, Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen
  • Essence, Quattro Eyeshadow Palette, in ’05 To Die For’
  • Catrice, All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder, in ‘010 Transparent’
  • Essence, All About Matt! Oil Control Paper
  • Vichy, Idéal Soleil SPF 50 Hydrating Gel-Fluid
  • Catrice, Blending Beauty Sponge
  • Essence, LE, #secretparty Bronzing Powder, in ’01 Glow Of My Life’
  • Real Techniques, Eye Starter Set
  • Vaseline, Gentle Protective Jelly Baby
  • Catrice, Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner For Invisible Pores And Lines


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