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Instasize_0716180013Hello pretty and healthy people! I hope y’all have a wonderful day. I bet you’ve some of these days when you don’t know what you’re going to eat for dinner. Well, here’s a recipe for you! It can be served with meat as you wish, but today I’m going to show you how to make this without any meat. This recipe is for 2 persons, if you’re with 4 persons. Then double the recipe. I hope you like it! And if your recreate any recipes or other articles of my blog, please post it on Instagram and tag me at @behealthyandbepretty or @renske_veldhuis and use the #bhbprecreation. Let’s get started!

 Things you need to have:

200g pasta (optional)
5 good quality of tomatoes
1 onion
½ tbsp olive oil
4 cloves garlic
½ vegetable stock cube
Handful of basil

Things you need to do:

Snip the onion and garlic and heat up your pan for frying them a bit.

Cut your tomatoes in eight and place them in the same pan as the onion and garlic.

Bake your pasta, follow the instruction that is written on the package.

Bake your tomatoes, onion and garlic until the tomatoes are beginning to soften. While the tomatoes are soften, crumble the stock cube into the mixture.

When your tomatoes are soften, place into a blender and blend them.

When it’s nicely blended, add your basil and blend it for a short time.

Put your tomatoes mixture back into the pan for 2 minutes or so to thicken it.

Serve warm.


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