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20150731_133051Hi guys, I hope you’ve a wonderful day. In the summer their are a lot of fruits and we have a farmer who makes biological fruit and we got today cherries. So I wanted to make a smoothies with only cherries. I’m going to show you today how to make a smoothie with only one kind of fruit, in this case cherries. I hope you like it. Let’s get started!

 Things you need to have:

One cup of milk

4 ice cubes

10 cherries

Things you need to do:

Remove the stones from your cherries. A way you can do that is, you can buy a device that remove stones from your 20150731_133044cherries. You can buy that on Amazon or eBay. I’ve looked up the link for you, if you click right here you go to Amazon. Or if don’t want to spend money on a device, well I got a method for you! Pick a knife and a cutting board, that you don’t make your whole kitchen red from the cherries. You cut your cherry in half, like an avocado. When your cherry is in half, you can scoop with your knife or with your fingers the stone.

Place your cherries and cup of milk in you blender and blend until you have a red-ish fluid. And until you can’t see any cherry pieces anymore.

When everything is blended you can blend the ice cubes with everything, to make it less milky and a bit colder. Or you can serve your drink and that place your ice cubes in your drink, I didn’t did that because it makes it watery. Your choice.

Serve your drink in a mason jar and chilled. This recipe is enough for one mason jar.


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