Berry and Vanilla smoothie // Smoothies, Recipes

Instasize_0716180031 Hello pretty and healthy people! I hope you have a wonderful day or night, whatever it may be in your country. First of all, I want to thank you guys because without your help and your views I couldn’t make all of these views in all different countries! Thank you for all of that! But today’s article is about a smoothie, it isn’t quite healthy but it’s soooo delicious and good. So please, please, please give it a try! This recipe is enough to full 1.5 mason jars. This recipe is also a but more on the vanilla side than on the berry side, but I hope you like it! Let’s get started!

Things you need to have:

6 scoops of vanilla ice cream

a handful of frozen berries of choice

1.5 cups of water

Things you need to do:IMG_20150718_180740

Place your frozen berries and 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Blendthis until it’s smooth

If it’s really hard to blend at some water, you doesn’t need to at of the water in one time, ad it only when it’s needed.

At then the rest of the ice cream

And blend again until smooth

Pour your easy but delicious goodness in your mason jar or any other glass of choice


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