About me and my blog

IMG_2123This is a blog about a ordinary girl, who has since February short hair and since last year glasses. If you asking yourself why does she have short hair? Don’t feel lonely if you asking yourself that, I’m completely used to it! I’ve cut my hair short because I want somethings that fits my personality better and every girl of my school rocks the long hair and I wanted to try something completely different. So I’ve cut my hair short. But enough about me, let’s talk about my blog! I’ve created this blog to share recipes with y’all IMG_2118and share a lot more. It’s just a blog of a ordinary girl, who isn’t famous, who isn’t special. I’m just a normal girl, but I love to blog and share things with people. And oh yes, I’m Dutch. I’ve had a blog before, that blog was all about beauty because I absolutely love beauty. But I came to the conclusion that everyone is suddenly blogging about beauty, so I’ve made a new blog. About food and much more. And I didn’t liked it as much to blog about beauty so I gave it away. You can this visit it: www.thebudgetlover.wordpress.com I hope you like my blog and I would love to hear from you in the comments or on other social media like Instagram: www.instagram.com/renske_veldhuis

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