Wishlist volume 1 // Future

what's your wishlist 1.pngHello lovely readers and welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, welcome!

Have you ever just looked at things and thought ‘I want that, so much’. But you can’t buy is because you don’t have enough money, courage or it’s always out of stock. Well, that happends all the time to me. So, I’m going to show today what the products are that I want really bad. I hope you enjoy and keep on reading.

HAMA-Statief-Star-61-inclusief-Tas.pngHAMA Tripod 61″:

This is a tripod of Hama. I really want to make YouTube videos again and I want to start good. I already have a good camera and I want a good tripod for making videos and photos.

For the Dutch people who wants to buy this tripod: click here to buy it.

For the other people who wants to buy this tripod: click here to buy it.

LED Portable Light:41XnT9Re9ZL

If I want to make some good photos for my blog or Instagram, I don’t have the hardest time with making picture. No, I have the hardest time with the lighting. I have a mirror with lighting around it and when I put that behind my camera, is the lighting okay. It’s not good, but it’s okay. So, I really want a ring light or a camera light. I’ve seen this light in the Tech Haul vid of Shameless Maya on YouTube (go check her out!).

For all the people of the world: click here.

fee_786_587_pngCanon RC-6 Remote:

Since my camera doesn’t have a flipscreen is it quite hard to make a picture of yourself. Mostly it’s out of focus. And when I want to take a picture of myself for an OOTD or something like that, is it really hard, The focus is on the wall or you just moved on the picture.  Solution: a camera remote. With this thingy can you make a picture of yourself that’s in focus and at the right moment.

For the Dutch people: click here.

For the other people of the world: click here.

What’s on your wishlist?




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