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Gifts-icon-circleNothing is harder than think up a present for a female friend or for yourself. Well, we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ here in the Netherlands. It’s a kind of Christmas, but on December 5th. This year we decided to pull straws, with the whole family. Everyone pulls a straw and you need to buy presents for that person. And you don’t know who pulled you. It’s maybe sounds dull, but it’s kind of fun! You can use these tips for Christmas or any other holiday, if you can’t make up any ideas.

92183b8925aea21d1e29bc4aca427377This is the best suprise for your loved ones. If you want to thank someone but you want a fun and orginal idea. Here’s the idea for you.

All you need is: a ballon, helium, a cardbord box, glitter or sprinkles and a letter or note you want to send you loved one.

All you need to do is: Write on the letter what you want to say, you can keep it short with ‘I love you’ or you can write a lot. That’s up to you. Fill your ballon with a bit of glitter or sprinkles and put the letter in the ballon also. Fill your ballon with helium to make it float. Make sure the cardbord box is big enough for your ballon. Tie a string to your ballon and on the end of your ballon, hang a card with ‘pop me’. Remember to put a towel or something to clean up all the glitter. This is a fun and orginal way to say something cute to someone you love.

dd4f6d490025705eb99c0dadcd845494Don’t have a lot of money or do you want to make the cutest gift ever?

All you need is: fun-coloured envelopes, a pen, notes and a cardbord box (this one is optional).

All you need to do is: Write on every envelope ‘read this when’ and than something orginal like ‘you’re lonely crying’ or ‘to know who’s your fake friend and who’s not’. And very good friend of mine did this and gave the letters to me and I still have them! Write the notes or letters and put them in a envelope and put the envelopes in a box. Voilà, here’s your box the letters.

Real gift ideas: (all the US prices are from American official sites and the EU have been converted to US prices. So, the prices are perhaps not correct. )

Urban Decay, Naked Basic, $29 or €27.21, click here for the site.

Urban Decay, Primer Potion, $20  or €18.77, click here for the site.

Mac cosmetics, ‘Please Me’ lipstick, $17.00 or €15.95, click here for the site.

Talk Dock, $36.00 or €33,78, click here for the site

Fuijfilm Instax Mini 8, $59.99 or €56,29, click here for the site


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