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IMG_1734Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to show you how to make a bookmark. I love love love reading books and a bookmark can’t be forgotten. I’ve seen this idea on a site, but they made it there with leather and since I don’t have any leather, I’ve made it with a felt material. It’s a lot softer and easier to sew. This DIY is super easy, so do you want to make your own bookmark, keep on reading!

Things you need to have:IMG_1727

A pair of scissors

A needle and thread

Two pieces of a shape you want your bookmark to become. I used two triangles

IMG_1730Things you need to do:

Cut your shape the exact same shape. Make sure they’re the same size.

Take your needle and thread and begin sewing like you want to. My thread was quite thin so I made it thicker by to take him one more time through the eye of the needle. That made it thicker and firmer.

Make a knot at both ends. Since I’ve a rough sketch with a black sharpie and I quite liked the boldness that the black line gave. So, I picked my Sharpie again and made the outlines black.

You can make a IMG_1731 small design in the middle of your bookmark, but I wanted a simple bookmark without to much things.

You also can make a completely different shape, like a heart or a square. That’s up to you.

I’ve got the idea from:

Book in the first picture:

‘Getuige’ from Lars Kepler


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