Beach Spray + uitslag winactie // Do It Yourself


Hello lovely readers, hope you have a wonderful day. And if you look closely to the picture above, maybe something will notice you. Read along if you know what the difference is.

Yes! I’m back to brown again. And I’m growing my pixie cut out. I’m pretty far already, my top piece is at the length on my jaw line. I personal like a hair more when it’s a bit more rough, tough and raw. And this look can you recreate with beach spray, but some can be pretty expensive. So I’m going to show you a easier and cheaper way to make a beach spray.

naamloos.pngAll you need to have is:

  • a spray bottle
  • 3 teaspoons of sea salt
  • 3 squirts of water-based gel
  • 1/4 teaspoon of coconut conditioner

All you need to do:

MIX! Just mix everything in the spray bottle. When you’re done spray it in your hair and scrunch. Twist it a bit more extra for a more wavy look.

Uitslag winactie:


Gefeliciteerd! Zou je een mailtje willen sturen met je gegevens naar en met een ideetje voor je extraatje.




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