Opposite day // Beauty

IMG_3763.JPGHello! Yes, you ther. Hey! Welcome to my blog, a site of a weird combination of seriousness and weirdness. Today is a good explanation of the weirdness of my blog and of myself. It’s opposite day! I’m not going to explain everything I did, since this look is really easy to recreate. It’s an avant garde makeup look, what means that there are no limites, no rules. It’s also a piece of ‘art’ you made on your face and not every painting is the same, just like humans.

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Blue brows and purple tears // Beauty

IMG_3321Hello lovely readers! Welcome to another beauty article, in a row. I’m sorry for that, but I’m lately doing some random and fun makeup looks, like this one. I really wanted to share this look with you, because makeup tears and coloured brows are lately the trend. Would you like to know how to get this look and what products I used, then please keep on reading.

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Soft smokey brown and purple eye // Beauty



Hello lovely readers, I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ve created this eye look a few days ago and I wanted this to share with you. It’s a brown and purple smokey eye with purple liner on the lower water line. Do you want to know how I’ve created this look, please keep on reading.

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Brown Smokey eye with turquoise liner //


IMG_3244.JPGHello lovely reader, I hope you have a lovely day. I want to thank you first of all. ‘Cause you’ve been commenting like crazy on my articles. I got like 12 comments on one day. It maybe sounds like it’s nothing, but normally I get like 12 comments in half a year. So thank you!

I wanted to post a make-up eye look, because I haven’t done a thing like this in ages. So I decided to make one. For the products used, please read further.

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Open cut mouth // Beauty

IMG_1647Welcome! To my fourth Halloween look. Today it’s a joker inspired open cut mouth. Everybody on the internet recreated this look, but I did it a bit different. Everybody used tissues and liquid latex, I used vaseline. You maybe think, ‘how?’. Well, if you think that than please keep on reading!

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Cat // Beauty

IMG_1634Welcome to my already third look for this years Halloween series. I’m a bit busy because I have a tesweek, so I made for you a cat. It’s easy, it’s simply but still cute. Are you interessed for the cat? Then keeping on reading!

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Comic book girl // Beauty

IMG_1586Welcome to the second look of this years Halloween series! Today I recreated a comic book girl or a pop art girl. Normally this girl has white spots all over her face, but I don’t like them so I left them away. I hope you like it, it was really fun to create this look. Are you interessed? Then let’s go on with the look!

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Black half face skull // Beauty

IMG_1542Welcome to my first look of the Halloween serie I’m going to do this year. I’m going to do every day until Halloween a look, that’s easy but still cool. Today I’m making a black skull that only covers the lower section of my face. Interessed? Then let’s get started!

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