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Hello lovely readers, I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ve created this eye look a few days ago and I wanted this to share with you. It’s a brown and purple smokey eye with purple liner on the lower water line. Do you want to know how I’ve created this look, please keep on reading.


  1. Prime your eyelids with your favourite eye primer and apply your favourite nude of white eyeshadow. I used the ‘white chocolate’ eyeshadow of the Chocolate Bar palette of Too Faced for this.
  2. Apply a light brown shade in your crease, like ‘salted caramel’ for the Chocolate Bar or Too Faced. Blend this shadow good in your crease with a fluffy brush. Apply a bit of ‘milk chocolate’ and blend properly.
  3. Blend a ‘semi-sweet’ in your crease lightly for more dimension. Apply a light layer of a mix of ‘marzipan’, ‘crème brulee’ and ‘hazelnut’ on your eye lid for some sparkle.
  4. Apply ‘cherry cordial’ all over your lid and blend properly in your crease and pack the shadow more on your inner part of your lid.
  5. Blend a bit of ‘milk chocolate’ and ‘salted caramel’ on the lower lash line and keep it on the outermost part.
  6. Line your lower water line with a medium purple liner, like ‘regard effect duochrome eyeliner’ of Boujoirs in ’59 Voilet rosé’
  7. Curl your lashes if needed and apply generous coats of your favourite mascara.

IMG_3299.JPGYou’re finished and enjoy your end result!


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