Opposite day // Beauty

IMG_3763.JPGHello! Yes, you ther. Hey! Welcome to my blog, a site of a weird combination of seriousness and weirdness. Today is a good explanation of the weirdness of my blog and of myself. It’s opposite day! I’m not going to explain everything I did, since this look is really easy to recreate. It’s an avant garde makeup look, what means that there are no limites, no rules. It’s also a piece of ‘art’ you made on your face and not every painting is the same, just like humans.



Catrice // Long lasting Brow Definer // 020 flASHy brows

Catrice // Eyebrow set // the lightest shade

Catrice // Eyebrow Filler



Essence // Lash base mascara // upper lashes and lower lashes on the other eye and make lines following the curve underneath your brows.

MaxFactor // Masterpiece mascara // lower lashes and upper lashes on the other eye

L’Oréal Paris // Super liner perfect slim // draw a regular wing, but don’t colour it in. Do the same on the other eye, but then on the lower lash line.

Essence // All About Candies (dupe: click here ) the mint green colour in the right bottom corner // apply in the inner eye corner.



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