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IMG_2489.JPGHello lovely readers! Today something really different, it’s going to be a review of a lipstick. The review is about the lipstick ‘Sin’ from MAC cosmetics. Please keep on reading for more!

IMG_2484.JPGIt has always been a dream of me to have a MAC lipstick and I asked for Christmas a giftcard to get a MAC lipstick. After endless of research,  have I came to the conclusion that I want Sin.  I’m so happy that I finally got one and I always wanted a dark redish lipstick and that’s Sin.

 IMG_2485.JPGThe package is perfect, seriously! It’s simple, clean and black. I always thought that case would be fully black, but it has tiny glitters inside of it! I absolutely love it.

IMG_2488.JPGThe colour is absolutely perfect! It’s dark red with a blue undertone. It’s completely matt and it stays like a dream. If you want to have a matching lipliner, try ‘Vino’ by MAC. Click here for a picture.


I do suggest to compare it with clean and simple look. Wear only concealer, powder, contour, blush, highlight. Try to do it minimal. Add some tinted brow gel, add a bit of brown eyeshadow (just a tiny bit). Curl your lashes and add mascara.
And lastly, the lipstick. If you need some extra precision, use a lip brush.xxRenskeVeldhuis.png

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