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IMG_1586Welcome to the second look of this years Halloween series! Today I recreated a comic book girl or a pop art girl. Normally this girl has white spots all over her face, but I don’t like them so I left them away. I hope you like it, it was really fun to create this look. Are you interessed? Then let’s go on with the look!

IMG_1555I started with my make-up routine, but without any contouring, highlighting or any of that. So, the only thing I had on my face was foundation, winged eyeliner and red lips. And I filled in my brows, but that is quite useless, because you’ll paint over them after.

IMG_1557I filled in my brows with black facepaint, following my natural browshape. Normally I have a fade going on on the front of my brows, but try to make the lines as straight as possible and try not the shade with the colours on this look.

IMG_1565Now for the fun part, the lines! This is not really hard, but you need to keep the lines as straight as possible and you don’t want any smugdes.

Let’s start with the the hardest part, for me then. The line around your face. Make it not to thin and not to thick, just good in between. Then when you done with that, carve out your cheekbones. Make a line where you usually would place your contour. I IMG_1567pulled it a bit more inwards to the centre of my face so that it will show when my face is straight forward. Underneath the line of my cheeckbone, I made few small lines to symbolize the shadow of my cheekbone. Make sure that both lines are even. When you’re done with that, let’s go on with the nose. Make a line on the brigde of your nose. And make two lines on the side curve of your IMG_1588nose. Make a small curved line on the centre part of your left brow. That gives you that sad or mad Impression. On with the neck and chest! Make two lines on your colarbones to befine them. On the end of the lines curve them a bit downwards. And if you’re wearing a low cut shirt of dress, you can make two lines from your cleavage upwards. You can also do two lines on your neck, I did that first but the smugded all the time so I removed them. Finish the look with mascara or fash lashes, Oh, don’t forget the little highlight on your lips, to make them look appear ‘shiny’.

IMG_1567 IMG_1566


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