Blue brows and purple tears // Beauty

IMG_3321Hello lovely readers! Welcome to another beauty article, in a row. I’m sorry for that, but I’m lately doing some random and fun makeup looks, like this one. I really wanted to share this look with you, because makeup tears and coloured brows are lately the trend. Would you like to know how to get this look and what products I used, then please keep on reading.


  1. Prep your brows with the brows products you’d usually use. Grab a metallic blue or tuquoise eyeliner and define the tail of your brows, work your way carefully to the inner part of your eyebrow.
  2. Define the rest of your brows with a blue eyeshadow. You obviously could use a different colour if you want.
  3. Grab your favourite black liquid liner and define the tail of your brow even more.Be really careful, because can be look messy quickly and it’s hard to remove.
  4. Find a white eye liner pencil or liquid liner and draw three little dots by the tail of your brow.


  1. Prime your eyelids and apply a white or nude colour for a transition colour. Blend a light and medium brown shade in your crease for defination. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner.
  2. Do a winged liner and mascara as usual.
  3. Grab a sparkling purple colour and make sure you load a lot on your brush so you’ll get some fall out. Start to make some tears, if you need any examples, find some YouTube vids. Like Jeffree Star, he’s absoletly beautiful and the best! Click here to go to his YouTube channel.
  4. Layer a glitterly white shadow over the purple to tone it down a bit and make it extra glitterly!


Products used:

  • contour clubbing waterproof eye pencil // Boujoirs // 45 Blue Remix
  • ombre à paupières eyeshadow // Boujoirs // 24 Turquoise Ensoleilè
  • super liner, perfect slim // L’Oréal Paris // Intense Black
  • lash base // (for the white dots) // Essence

  • prime and fine, eyeshadow primer // Catrice
  • chocolate bar pallete // Too Faced // white chocolate, salted caramel, milk chocolate and candied violet
  • super liner, perfect slim // L’Oréal Paris // Intense Black
  • master piece mascara // Max Factor // waterproof black
  • make up your world // Miss Sporty // 109 Star



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