Black half face skull // Beauty

IMG_1542Welcome to my first look of the Halloween serie I’m going to do this year. I’m going to do every day until Halloween a look, that’s easy but still cool. Today I’m making a black skull that only covers the lower section of my face. Interessed? Then let’s get started!

I was inspired by this picture by Chrisspy. But since I didn’t have any white facepaint or white foundation 1280x720-iKzand I had black I decided, why not a black half face skull?

IMG_1532I started with doing my eyemake-up, a bit more dramatic than usual. And painting the nose and mouth section black. Make the line that you make from your ears to your nose in a curve. As you maybe can see my lines are not even and not quite curved. When you’re doing yours, always check your lines to make sure they’re even.

Shading! You might think it’s really hard to shade on black, but it actually isn’t. Just pick aIMG_1533 very pigmented, matte white colour. Do your regular contour but drag it more inwards and fade the inner part. Make two lines underneath the egde of your skull. Make a weird kinda shade on your nose, I can’t really explain it. Just look that the picture of Chrisspy and you’ll know want I mean. Take a white eyepencil and extend the coners of your mouth. Make 3 lines on each side and two lines on the sides of your mouth. And make 4 lines on your lips.

IMG_1538Last part, the fake ‘blood’. I don’t have any fake blood, so I impressed and used lipsticks, eyeliners and lipglosses. The looks is less realistic but works just as fine. Place your first layer, I used a red lipsticks, along the egde of my skull. Over that I used two red lipglosses to give that glossy and sticky feel. Over that I used a black eyeliner to give a more dirty look. The same steps I did under my eye and on some of my ‘stiches’.

IMG_1542 IMG_1541


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