Summer or Beach Essentials 2015 // Be Pretty, Snacks, summer

summer  Hello pretty and healthy people, I hope you’ve a wonderful summer day. I live in the Netherlands and it’s going to be really hot this week. And when it’s summer and hot I like to do things but not to much. I like going to the beach and going to the pool. I’m going to show you what to pack for a hot, summery beach day. I hope you like it. Let’s get started!

BeachBagEssentialsBag essentials:

A bikini if you’re going to swim

Snacks, I’m going to show them later

A notebook for writing this down

Headphones to listen music

Plenty of water

Sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun

A hat, a dress and some sandals to cover yourself a bit up

A book to read

A pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes covered from the sun

A camera to keep your special moments

Snack number 1: Fruit popsicles:


Perhaps it isn’t quite handy to bring this with you on a hot and summery day but it’s so good I’m going to show you anyway.

  • Pick as many small plastic cups to the number of popsicles that you want.
  • Pick the fruit that you want, like raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, apples, kiwi’s, oranges or melon.
  • Place the fruits that you want in the cups and when the cups are 3/4 full, pour some juice of choice or you can use some water into the cups.
  • When the cups are fully filled, place then in the fringe or freezer and freeze them for an good 4 hours.
  • When they’re done freezing, make a little cut on the top side of the cup and pull the cup downwards to reveal your pretty but healthy fruit popsicles.

Snack number 2:


This one is sooooo good for a hot summery day when you still want to make a healthy, pretty and delicious treat or snacks for a barbecue or for a bonfire party. Or just for a fun day at the beach.

  • Pick the fruits that you want like, raspberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwi’s, blue berries and grapes. Or anything else, but it’s quite fun when you pick fruits in the colors of the rainbow.
  • Separate the fruits in the colors of the rainbow, start with red then orange, yellow, green, blue and last purple.
  • Place your fruits in the colors of the rainbow on a skewer.
  • Place them in the fringe to keep them fresh.

InstaSize_2015_0 _ 1911657Make-up look:

First, always wear sunscreen. So, apply sunscreen on your face, neck and chest. Of course your whole body.

Always apply before your bb-cream of somethings else, a primer. It helps you to let your make-up stay all day long.

Apply some light weight bb-cream, cc-cream or tinted moisturizer on your face that match your pretty tan face.

If you got some dark circles, imperfections or blemishes, concealer is your saver. Try and use a concealer that’s 1 or 2 sides lighter than your face. This gives you a more awake looking.

Use a bronzer to give you face a pretty and healthy bronzed  appearance. Place your bronzer on your temples, around your hairline, underneath your cheekbones and below your jawline. And a little bit on the sides of your nose. Blend this until you see no harsh line.

Use highlighter on the highest point on your face, as the top of your cheekbones, above your eyebrows, on your nose bridge, on your brow bone, on your Cupid’s bow, on your eyelid and in the inner corner of your eye.

Apply a light peach or coral blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you smile you see a part of your cheeks becomes a bit more prominent. Place right there your blush and sweep it towards your hairline.

Fill in your eyebrows with a powder of pencil. Apply a waterproof brow gel to make your brows stay all day long.

Apply a primer on your eyelids to help your make-up stay all day and don’t let your make-up look crease.

Apply a skin toned eye shadow all over your eye lid to set the primer.

If you’re really good at doing a eyeliner, do it!

Curl your lashes and apply a generous amount of mascara.

Apply a fun color lipstick or lip balm.


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