How to grow your hair fast // Be Pretty, Tips and Tricks

162-sHello everyone, it’s been a while that I’ve blogged because I’ve been really busy with school. I’m sorry. As maybe a few of you know, I have short hair and I want my long hair back. So today I’m going to show you how you can grow your hair faster with the help of foods, products and ways to care for your hair. I hope you like it. Let’s get started!

* Foods who can help you to grow your hair fast:


Dark green vegetables




Whole grains


Low-fat dairy products


* Ways to grow your hair faster:

Don’t brush your hair while wet, because your hair is very fragile when it’s wet.

Avoid heat treatments, because heat treatments like straightener, curling iron or a blow dyer can really damage your hair.

Cut your hair, you’ll think right now, what cutting my hair, never! But it is good to cut of the damage of your hair every 3 months or so.


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