How to be more active // Back to School, Tips and Tricks

BackToSchoolGraphicHey guys, today I’m going to show you how to get more active. ‘Cause I know, my own experience, that everybody, including myself, that we’re going to be more active this school year but that never happens, at least not in my case. Well, this year it’s really going to happen. I’m going to be more active and perhaps lose some weight. If you in the same position like me, here’s the article for you! I’m going to show you … ways how to be more active, get more fit and lose some weights. I hope you guys like it. Let’s get started!

 1. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator.

If you work on a office or even if you’re still at school, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even if you’re wearing heels. It’s really necessary to take the stairs, because you lose a lot of motion because you’re all day sitting and walks small distances.

2. If you’re sitting, sit straight.

When you sit like a potato bag, you’re barely training muscles. When you sit straight, you’re training your abs and back muscles. Want more motion? Keep your legs straight in front of you and keep them there for 15 seconds and replace them then to there former position. And do that for a good 3 minutes in total. Or keep your legs straight in front of you and move them up and down individually, do that for 2 minutes. Keep in mind that you need to sit straight. You’re training your abs, lower abs, your back and your legs with this.

3. Go walking or biking, instead of driving or taking the bus.

When you drive of if you take the bus you miss a lot of your daily movement. So, if you’re with the bus, take a bus stop 1 earlier than your original bus stop. Then, just walk the last part to your work or school. Or if your have a event near by your house, don’t go with the car. Just leave a bit earlier and take the bike or leave more early and go walking.

4. Park your car further away.

When you park your car further away, you need to walk more to your destination. That’s also a reason why not to do it for a lot of people. But believe me, it really helps to get your daily movement.

5. Walk around while doing stuff.

Walk around the house when you’re calling, talking, texting. Instead of sitting down, go for a walk because you’re doing stuff and that is good for those calories you’ve eaten all day long.


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