Autumn tag // Autumn, Tag

hello-autumn-11Hi guys. I’m going to do today something different. I’m doing a tag, the ‘Autumn tag’. I always really love Autumn, but in the Netherlands is it most of the time not quite good weather. It’s cold, it’s rainy. Just, it’s really fall weather in the Netherlands. But Autumn also means to me sweaters, dark nail polishes, my matt black Dr Martens with fun socks and hot chocolate! Would you like to know more about the tag and I think more about Autumn? Than make sure you click on that ‘read more’ button!

 Favourite thing about autumn?

I guess the sweaters and the really cute clothing to keep you warm. Or the nature, the leaves browning and falling. And I also really like the drinks, I’m not a huge fan of coffee but I absolutely adore hot chocolate or tea.

Favourite drink?

Totally hot chocolate, because I have a huge sweet tooth. Or if I’m that day a bit less sweet tooth, I really like tea.


Favourite scent? 

I’m all the seasons a lover of Lavender, but in Autumn I’m a bit more forgiving. I like cinnamon, berries, vannila and, of course, lavender.

Best lipstick?

I actually don’t wear a lot of lipstick. But when I do, I pick a really dark berry color: Essence ’16 Barely There!’. But most of the times I wear vaseline or just plain lipbalm.

Go to moisturizer?

My skin has always been dry, but I ignore that until Autumn and Winter. I normally use just a plain body lotion with white cotton scent. But for my birthday, a present was shopping with my mum. So I’ve gotten a body butter from the Body Shop in Shea Butter and that scent is so calming and so lovely. It’s also really thick and that’s absolutely great for my skin type.


Go to colours for the eyes?

This is actually a guilt from me, I’ve stopped wearing make-up almost since the beginning of my new schoolyear. I still wear my browpowder, my concealer and sometimes a little bit of mascara. But I mostly don’t wear any make-up anymore. And when I wear some eyemake-up, I wear than mostly brown tones.

Favourite outfit to wear?

I got some my Dr Martens, the short ones. I absolutely love them. I combine them with some fun coloured socks or some socks with a fun patron. I wear some basic jeans with them and or a sweater or a t-shirt, blouse. Or I combine my Dr Martens with a sweat dress that’s blue with white strips that is so comfortable.

Favourite place to be?

Home sweet home, I’m totally a home girl. I always to be home, because I can really be me and I can do whatever I want. And it’s always warm here and I can cuddle with me huge teddybear.


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