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abs-of-steel-workoutHello everybody, let’s talk about abs! Everybody wants a flat belly, no love handles, no annoying belly fat. But half of the people who really want a flat belly doesn’t know how to do that or how to start. So, today I’m going to show you one routine how you can do your abs. Let’s get started.


Lay on your back, bring your knees up. Keep your hands on your chest of belly, but never behind your neck because you will put a lot of pressure on your neck and after 5 sit-ups you neck will hurt a lot. Move your chest towards your knees. Keep that position for 2 seconds and move back to the first position. Do this 10 times. You’ll train your upper abs.

fluttler-kicksFlutter kicks:

Lay on you back again. Keep your hands next to you or if it’s a bit to tough for you place then your hands underneath your hips or butt. Lift one foot at the time and move it back to the ground. Don’t let your feet touch the floor. When you’re moving your foot back lift the other foot. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Do this until you got 6 times each foot lifted. You’ll train your all of your abs.

laige-reaisesLeg raises:

Lay on your back. You actually do the same as the ‘flutter kicks’ but move one foot at the time you’re moving now two legs at the same time. Keep your legs straight and close to each other. Keep your hands next to you or underneath you hips or butt. Do this for 8 times because it’s really, really tough. You’ll train lower abs.

bicycle-crunches-june-10Cycling crunches:

Start in the upwards sit-up position. Lift your knees up and keep your feet horizontal with your knees. Keep your hands behind your head, not your neck. Move one leg down but don’t touch the floor. When your moving your leg down, bring your opposite elbow to the knee that is still up. Do this for 10 times. You’ll train your whole core, your abs and oblique.

knee-crunches-abs-exercises  Knee crunches:

Go lay on your back with your knees lifted like on the picture. Let your hands, arms straight, lay above your head. Lay your hands on top of each other. When your moving upwards, places your hands above your knees, like on the picture. While moving back, keep your leg in an angle of 90 degrees. And while moving back place your hands back above your head. Do this 10 times. You’ll train your upper abs.

knee-crunches-630x420Leg pull-ins:

Go and sit on your butt. Place your hands next to your hips. Keep your legs straight and don’t let them touch the floor. Do you want to do it a bit harder? Keep your hands off of the floor and keep them next to your torso. Pull your legs towards your chest and keep them there for 2 seconds. And move them back to the previous position. Do this 8 times. You’ll train all of your abs.

Elbow-Plank-ReachElbow plank arm reaches:

Lay on your stomach. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and go on your elbows. You need to make sure that you are fully straight. Don’t bring your butt upwards, don’t make your back hollow. When you’re stable and secured, lift one arm right for you. Then place is back and lift the other arm. Do this 5 times each arm. You’ll train your whole core, back, legs, arm and back.


Elbow plank:

You start exactly the same as the ‘elbow plank arm reaches’. But instead of reaching your arms, you keep your arms underneath your shoulders. Do this one for 30 seconds. You’ll train the same as the previous one.

download (2)Body saw:

You take the same position as the previous one. Only, you try to touch with your nose your finger tips. And then you move back. This is a very easy exercise but is very effective. You’ll train exact the same things as the previous two.


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